B|A|S Research & Technology in Venlo

Is the Global Concrete Research & Technology Center of Doka, the world largest formwork supplier with 160 locations in 72 countries.
B|A|S Research & Technology in Venlo is a concrete technology consultancy firm that works for renowned clients such as civil and construction engineering consultants, contractors and concrete producers in the Netherlands and abroad. Services are in the field of R&D, damage inspection and consultancy. B|A|S has the most modern laboratories for material research in among others the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Using the unique CONCREMOTE concept, the specialists at B|A|S manage the largest construction projects in the world, such as dams, high-rise towers, tunnels and bridges.

In the sector B|A|S is progressive and leading in available knowledge, research facilities and continuous innovation. In multidisciplinary teams their own online systems and products are developed, by which building processes can be accelerated and preserved in the future.

The 50 employees of B|A|S are resourceful problem solvers who with smart collaboration stay on top of things. Technicians with knowledge and affinity with building technology, concrete technology and research can truly enjoy themselves here. The company culture is people-oriented, informal and team-oriented. Core values of the corporate culture are living up to agreements, delivering quality, working together, respecting each other, continuing to learn and innovate.

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